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scalepatternLate August termination dust frosting the north side of the Alaska Range near Polychrome Pass, Denali National Parkseason talkpicksscalepatternFall colors on the Toklat River looking south into the Alaska Range, Denali ParkMineral lake in the Trench south of Watson Lake, Yukon TerritoryIcebergs in an ever-changing arrangement on Inner Lake George, Chugach MountainsLounging caribou, Baldwin Peninsula near the Kobuk River deltaBad place for an engine failure, Steve Reese over the Columbia Glacier, Prince William Soundpotholes near Teshekpuk Lake, North SlopeBig birds near Seldovia, Kenai PeninsulaLenticular clouds over the summit of Mt. Russell, Alaska RangeN322MX under the north wall of McKinley at Birch CreekMeltwater pool on the Kennicott Glacier, Wrangell St. Elias National ParkEnroute to Barrow, National Petroleum Reserve-AlaskaProduct testing at the foot of the Nizina Glacier, Wrangell MountainsMineral-rich valley near the Logan Glacier, Wrangell St. Elias ParkPortage Pass, Kenai Mountains