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Meltwater pool on the Kennicott Glacier, Wrangell St. Elias National ParkIcebergs in an ever-changing arrangement on Inner Lake George, Chugach MountainsFall colors on the Toklat River looking south into the Alaska Range, Denali ParkN322MX under the north wall of McKinley at Birch CreekBull moose cooling his heels in a mineral-rich creek off the Tuxedni River, Lake Clark National ParkRoom with a view, Brooker MountainDonjek River near Kluane Lake, Yukon TerritoryKiteflying in heaven, Chugach RangeProduct testing at the foot of the Nizina Glacier, Wrangell MountainsLounging caribou, Baldwin Peninsula near the Kobuk River deltaBrooker Mountain camp looking south to McKinley at 5am.Postcard greetings from Chulitna!Termination dust on the foothills as winter moves in from the west, Denali ParkLow tide in Turnagain ArmChris and Rachel celebrating a rare clear day near KantishnaLate August termination dust frosting the north side of the Alaska Range near Polychrome Pass, Denali National Parkpotholes near Teshekpuk Lake, North Slope